High security Email and Website Hosting

We offer high security email and website hosting services to our valued clients.

We now host around 220 domains for our clients in Maun, Ghanzi, Shakawe, Kasane and the rest of Botswana and we keep growing!

The hosting we offer is called “managed hosting”. Meaning we take care of all updates, including for your website, to keep the servers and your sites on it highly secure. Which in turn means one less worry for you, our client.

To match your needs we offer multiple packages to choose from.

Of course we are open to special needs. To some we give special discounts; And we also have some clients that we sponsor in full. All and any charges carried by us. Just ask us.


1GB server space

25GB / month bandwidth

5 mailboxes

2 databases


5GB server space

50GB / month bandwidth

10 mailboxes

2 databases


20GB server space

100GB / month bandwidth

20 mailboxes

5 databases


75GB server space

1TB / month bandwidth

50 mailboxes

10 databases

If your company and needs grow past the above, we also offer various VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages. To always get you what you need. Not too little, but also not overboard. Contact us and we gladly advise.

Wonder about the reliability of our hosting? Check yourself! Apart from our own monitoring we have also engaged the third-party company Better Stack to keep an eye on our servers as well. 99.9% uptime throughout.
The only downtime is caused by a few minutes of high security updates very occasionally.

We work with InternetX GmbH in Germany to provide the best, fastest, most reliable hosting.

More than 3 million domains, over 850 domain extensions, multiple data centers in Europe and the U.S.A. with more than 600 Gbit/s bandwidth, its own Internet Backbone, and 24/7/365 support make InternetX a top choice !

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And the MICS team in Maun makes sure the servers run the latest software, are patched against the latest security threats and are configured to adhere to highest security levels.

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