Our security team advises on all IT-related security matters.

physical infrastructure security

Keeping your servers and other important equipment save from break-ins, fire, power outages, etc.

how to secure your office against email threats

Ransomware and phishing emails are currently the biggest threats. We advise on how best to secure your email flow. Certain “anti virus” software can help in that. Although the bigger threat is through phishing, which needs education and training of all staff to recognize which emails are genuine and which one are not.

securing and monitoring your website

If you host with us, it is no issue, as all our hosting has high security and monitoring as part of the hosting. If you host elsewhere we can advise on best to achieve good security and monitor you site though reliable third-party companies.


On quite some occasions now, an IP based security system was installed by local installers, and they left a mess. Cams partially not working, intermittent connections, connectors done wrong. This is where we come in and resolve the issues, and adjust and change to have your CCTV setup done properly.