Maun requires special considerations with regards to the products serviced, repaired and if needs be replaced here.

Computers and related electronics are subjected to frequent power dips, cuts, spikes and surges, need to withstand 40+ °C (110+ °F), and have to battle with the ever mounting dust.

On top, certain regional manufacturers tend to use lowest quality components – without the possibility of upgrades / updates should a bug become apparent.
We’ve had BIOS firmware that couldn’t be upgraded (or downgraded!) – the brand companies site didn’t even list it!
Modems, wireless network cards, specialised display adapter, etc. – no support at all.
If you spend half-a-day digging you usually find out the component is made by some obscure company that throws it on the market and leaves it at that.

We at MICS strive to offer only quality products with proper manufacturers support behind it. So we can offer you the high quality service & support you’ve come to expect from us.

Below you find the hardware brands that we officially support.